Ice Dam Removal Coeur d Alene

For affordable and immediate ice dam removal in Coeur d'Alene, contact Steiner’s Quality Roofing. We are experts in dealing with problems of heat transfer that leads to the creation of ice dams.

Can you put salt on your roof to melt ice?

Applying rock or table salt directly on your roof to clear ice dams can be terrible DIY hack leading to severe roof damages. Both rock and table salt corrodes metal roof frames and metal nails that hold your shingles in place. They also leave stains on the roof and walls that are irreversible. You must also remember that salt does not melt ice in temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Filling a nylon sock with calcium chloride ice melt can prove more useful than salt; however, it can cause damage to wooden gutters. The only way to remove the ice dam safely without damage to your roof or shingles is by hiring a roofing contractor. We are a team of budget-friendly roofers for ice dam removal in Coeur d'Alene prepared to deal with any challenge immediately.

Tips for preventing ice dams

Ice dams are often a result of warm attics. When the snow on your roof melts and refreezes near the edges of your roof, an ice dam forms. When part of your roof (especially above the attic) warms up to over 32 degrees F, it melts the snow, and by the time it reaches the edge of your roof which is again below freezing temperatures creates an ice dam.

You can prevent the ice dam from forming by keeping your roof cold. You can achieve this by closing all the attic bypasses and adjusting your attic insulation. Majority of the heat from homes passes on to the ceiling and gets to the attic. Try and climb up your attic and pull back insulation, plug the leaks with the help of foam or caulk.  Beware of skin irritations and dust allergies when you try to do this yourself.

What are the causes of ice dams?

To prevent an ice dam from forming, you need to find the cause of its formation. Finding the cause can help you prepare for it before the snow hit your home.

  1. Ice dams form if you have inadequate insulation in your attic or if it lacks ventilation. Areas with poor insulation like attic doors and light fixtures can let warm air enter your attic, adding heat to space. Hot attic roofs are a significant cause of ice dams.
  2. Fluctuating outside temperature such as freezing nights and lower than freezing temperatures in the day leads to ice build-ups in your valleys and other areas of your roof.
  3. The sun heat during the day can melt the snow on your roof, in spite of the temperature being below the freezing point.

We are the only roofers for ice dam removal in Coeur d'Alene to correct the heat loss problem in your roof to avoid reoccurrence of ice dams. Call Steiner’s Quality Roofing today to prepare your roofs for the upcoming winter.

Ice Dam Removal Coeur d Alene
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